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Can You Design A Short Film Explaining Global Warming Using HUE Animation?


In our new STEM challenge we want students to create a short cutout animation explaining global warming and its impact on the environment and climate change! Give it a try and be sure to share your videos with us.

What you need per person/group...

What you need to do...

  • Students will begin by picking groups and/or working independently. Pass out a Creator Sheet to each student or group.
  • Have all items passed out at tables.
  • Students will then decide which Global Warming piece they want to showcase:
    • Extreme Weather
    • Sea-Level Rises
    • Melting Glaciers
  • Once students have picked the piece they want to showcase they will begin designing on paper what they are going to record. 
  • Students will then sketch out each scene that they are going to create to animate.
  • Once they have finalized they will begin to build the first scene for recording.
  • Students will then record.
  • Once recording is complete for scene one, students will fix the items to make scene two to show the changes of the climate change. 
  • They will continue to update each scene.
  • Once all scenes have been recorded students will then piece them together to make their animation.

We would love to see you try this STEM Challenge. Share your results with us through social media!

Happy Making,

Maker Maven

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