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Merge EDU Schoolwide License

Merge EDU Schoolwide License

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Teaching Aids
& Simulations

Equip your students with essential tools for effective hybrid learning
Merge provides the only viable alternative to physical teaching aids. With Merge EDU, science teachers can explain concepts more effectively, STEM programs can expand beyond the classroom, and schools can introduce powerful new educational technology.
Merge EDU Explainer Video
Only Merge allows students to hold digital 3D objects, enabling the most engaging and enjoyable new way to learn.

“If you want to get a glimpse of how technology will change education, pay attention to what Merge is doing.”

—Leslie Fisher, EdTech Influencer and Keynote Speaker

Leslie Fisher, EdTech Influencer and Keynote Speaker


Teach science with powerful, hands-on digital teaching aids and interactive simulations
  • Over 1000 digital teaching aids for every student
  • Over 100 multi-sensory, interactive simulations
  • Engaging activities for remote or in-class learning

Boy doing Cube homework


Expand STEM beyond the classroom and optimize the engineering design process
  • Expand your STEM program with mixed reality
  • Collaborate remotely with hybrid STEM projects
  • Iterate faster, save time & cost before 3D printing

Future Ready

Inspire your teachers and students to develop technology fluency using mixed reality
  • Experience technology that will shape the future
  • Easy to setup and use for both teachers and students
  • Take students on virtual field trips with 360° videos
Kids in VR

Focused Engagement
Merge EDU Licensing standard prices
US customers only, contact us for international pricing.

All licenses provide access to
  • All Science Simulations
  • All Digital Teaching Aids
  • All Activity Plans & STEM Projects
  • Teacher Dashboards
  • Free Success Resources
  • Integrations with Select SSO / Rostering Tools
Classroom License
30 simultaneous users
$995/yr for 1-year term
Schoolwide License
Unlimited access for all students and teachers in a school
$2,495/yr for 1-year term

Puts $ thousands of digital teaching aids in every student’s hands
Crucial for teaching science and accessible at all times

Spreads the investment over 3 major educational missions
Science, STEM and Future Ready programs

Your investment is usable in many different scenarios
In-class, remote or hybrid; teacher-led or student-led

Helps teachers be more productive by saving prep time
Same 3D content, activities and projects can be used for all students