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Blended Learning - School

Blended Learning - School

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The KUBO School Bundle is a blended learning solution that includes physical robots for your classroom and virtual robots for personalized 1:1 learning at home. Combine hands-on and digital learning approaches to increase the students’ engagement and learning outcomes.

The KUBO School Bundle Includes:

12 KUBO Coding Starter Set

  • 12 x Robots
  • 12 x Activity Maps
  • 12 x 46 TagTile® pieces

KUBO Play access

  • 100 x virtual robots*
  • Access for 100 students and an unlimited number of teachers
  • Classroom Management

*The tablet shown in the product images is not included in the KUBO Classroom Bundle.

KUBO Portal Access

  • Standard-aligned curriculum for K-5
  • Cross-curricular STEM activities
  • Professional Development resources