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How To Use Emojis In Your Space


Emojis are the perfect way to share thoughts and feelings while we are hybrid learning and maybe not face-to-face. Wondering how you can bring the power of emojis into your space? Here are a couple ideas: 

Enhance Virtual Communication

Have you ever sent an email or text and it was misunderstood due to lack of emotion? We've all been there! It can be difficult for us, especially for children, to express how they’re feeling and emoji can help.

To enhance virtual communication have students select an emoji that matches how they are feeling. For example, if a student is excited about an upcoming project, have them use the excited face emoji  🤗. Or to check understanding have students share a 👍 or 👎.

Make Feedback Fun

Do you usually put smiley faces on student work? Try using emojis as a way to make feedback fun for students to see, it is an easy way to make the feedback process more personal and interesting.

To make feedback fun create a system that allows you to give feedback in a different way. For example, if a student did a great job you could use a smiley face emoji  😊 or if students need to review a part of their work you could add in a raised eyebrow emoji 🤨.

Using Bitmoji Scenes For Learning

We 😍 this fun idea from Shannon Miller that uses bitmoji scenes for learning. It is the perfect way to have students share and demonstrate their learning in creative and interesting ways.

Be sure to check out here post here for 20 Ways Students Can Use Bitmoji Scenes For Learning.

Due to changing times and recent events digital communication is more vital than ever and emojis are a wonderful way to enhance our digital communications.

How are you bringing the power of emojis into your space? Share with us. 👇

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