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Can You Design And Build A Functional Geodome Greenhouse Using Strawbees?


Design and build a functional Geodome greenhouse using Strawbees that can effectively grow and sustain plants.


Strawbees STEAM Classroom Kit

Clear plastic sheets or saran wrap



Engineering Planning Page



Explain to the students the concept of a Geodome greenhouse and its benefits in plant growth.  Use this YouTube Video to help!

Discuss how the greenhouse maintains a controlled environment for plants by trapping heat and allowing sunlight to pass through.


Assign the students to research about Geodome greenhouses, their construction, and the materials needed.

Encourage them to explore the different types of Geodome greenhouses and their advantages.

Brainstorming and Design:

Optional: To help students understand the basic of building dome and geometric shapes using Strawbees, you might want to have them complete the Strawbees Classroom Lesson: Intro: Icosahedron Platonic Solid.

Have students answer the questions on their Engineering Planning Page so they think about factors that will affect their designs.

Encourage creativity and innovation in their designs.  

Remind the students to pay attention to the structural integrity of their designs to withstand the weight of the plastic sheets and consider wind, rain, and other external factors that may affect its structure.

Prompt students to think about the transparency, durability, and insulating properties of various materials when selecting the cover for their Geodome greenhouse in a real-world build.

Ask the students to sketch their Geodome greenhouse designs on their Engineering Planning Page, considering the size, shape, materials, and entryway.  You will want to discuss scale with students of appropriate age/grade levels before they begin to sketch their designs.


Distribute the Strawbees construction set, plastic straws, clear plastic sheets, scissors, tape, to the students.

Instruct them to start building their Geodome greenhouse using Strawbees and the additional materials provided.


Once the students have built their Geodome greenhouses, provide them with clear plastic sheets or saran wrap to cover the structure. 

Have them perform some simulation testing to see how the greenhouse holds up under whether conditions.


Organize a presentation session where each group explains their design and the reasoning behind their choices.  Encourage the students to share their observations and findings during the testing phase.  Discuss as a class what worked well and what could be improved in each design.


Challenge the students to incorporate sustainable practices in their Geodome greenhouse design, such as using recycled materials or implementing water-saving techniques and rebuild with these materials.

Another option is to choose one of the designs and build it large enough to house actual plants. Then, have students place their small potted plants or seeds inside to simulate plant growth.

Observe and record the temperature and humidity inside the greenhouse using thermometers and hygrometers.

Ask the students to monitor the growth of their plants and record any changes or improvements compared to plants grown outside the greenhouse.


Remember to adapt the challenge based on the age and skill level of the students. Enjoy the Strawbees Geodome greenhouse STEM Challenge!

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