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Can You Make A Bird Nest That Can Hold Three Eggs?


Get kids thinking creatively and applying imagination to science with our new challenge! This STEM challenge welcomes friendly competition and creativity as students work to build a bird nest that can hold three eggs in a time period of 30 minutes.

This is a great way to keep students engaged and having fun as the school year comes to an end!

What you need per student...

  • Paper Plate 
  • Scissors 
  • Natural Materials 
  • Examples: Twigs, Leaves, Grass, Moss   
  • 2 Feet Of Yarn 
  • Can You Make A Bird Nest That Can Hold Three Eggs? Creator Sheet

    You will also need...

  • A Timer 
  • Three Eggs


    What you need to do...

    • Start by going outside and collecting a range of natural materials. This can include twigs, moss, grass, leaves, etc. 
    • Once you have gathered your natural materials have students gather all the materials needed and sit at their desks. 
    • Tell students that the objective of this challenge is to build a bird nest that can hold three eggs in a time period of 30 minutes. 
    • Before students get started have them write their name on their Creator Sheet and ask them how deep they think their bird nest needs to be in order to keep the eggs safe. 
    • Let students answer on their Creator Sheet and have them start their brainstorming. They can either do this on a their Creator Sheet or to add some technology use an app such as Drawing Pad. 
    • Tell students to start by arranging their bird nest on their paper plate however they see fit. Remind them that there is no wrong or right way to go about building their nest, but it does need to hold three eggs. 
    • Start the timer for thirty minutes and let students build. Now would be a good time to go around the room and ask questions and offer assistance if needed. 
    • After the thirty minutes is up invite students to share their nests and what building techniques they used. Also, have them test to see if their nests can hold three eggs. 
    • To end, have students write down on their Creator Sheet a problem and a success that they encountered while building. You can also have students share these with the class.

    We would love to see you try this STEM challenge. Share your results with us through social media.

    Happy Making,

    Maker Maven

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