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Can You Grow Salt Crystals On Leaves?


Can you grow salt crystals on leaves? Looking for the perfect fall stem activity that helps showcase science? We have a great new challenge for you.

What you need per person...

What you need to do...

  • Students will begin by picking groups and/or working independently. Pass out the Creator Sheet to each student or group.
  • Have all items passed out at tables
  • Tell students that the objective of this experiment is to see how salt can turn into crystals on leaves.
  • Students fill all of their cups with water - and the pour into the pot
  • Bring the pot of water to a boil (with adult supervision)
  • Make sure you have your leaves gathered
  • Take the string and cut a few 8-12 inches long pieces - one piece for each leaf you have
  • Take the string and tie it to the middle of the stick
  • Tie the leaf’s stem to the other end of the string
  • Then you will lay the stick on the cup, so that it is balancing and the leaf is hanging freely
  • After water boils - add in half a cup of salt and make sure the salt dissolves
  • Continue adding salt until you see a film on the surface of the water
  • Remove from heat and turn off the stove
  • You will then pour the hot salt water into the cups and completely cover the leaf
  • Let the leafs sit in the cups overnight - and crystals should start to form
  • Set a timer to see how long it takes for the crystals to form

We would love to see you try this STEM Challenge. Share your results with us through social media!

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