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Can You Design A Snow Plow Attachment For The Dash Robot?

Objective: To design and create a snow plow attachment for the Dash robot that can collect the maximum number of snowflakes with different numbers. Students will then use the collected snowflakes to create math equations based on their grade or ability level.


  • Dash robot 
  • Coding device (tablet, chromebook, laptop) with app pre-installed
  • Construction materials (such as cardboard, popsicle sticks, tape, etc.)
  • Snowflake cutouts with numbers on them (prepared in advance by the teacher - a minimum of 15 snowflakes per group)
  • Markers/pens/pencils
  • Design & Reflection Guide
  • Math equation guide (teacher will edit according to the skill of focus and adjusted based on grade or ability level)

Note: For this challenge students need to have an understanding of how to operate Dash using the app and basic coding.


Introduce the challenge to the students: They must design and build a snow plow attachment for the Dash robot that can efficiently collect the maximum number of snowflakes with numbers on them.

Divide students into teams of 2-4. Provide each team with the necessary materials.

Brainstorming and Design:

Encourage students to brainstorm and sketch their ideas for the snow plow attachment. They should consider factors like size, weight, and mobility.  Remind them to be creative while ensuring that the attachment is functional and secure enough to collect snowflakes.


Provide construction materials and allow students to build their snow plow attachment. Encourage teamwork, problem-solving, and critical thinking during this stage.  Assist students as needed, providing guidance and suggestions when necessary.

Testing and Adjustments:

Once the attachments are ready, allow students to test them on a surface with the snowflake cutouts. Ensure that the snowflakes are scattered to simulate a challenging environment.  Students will control the Dash robot remotely, operating the snow plow attachment to collect as many snowflakes as possible.

Math Equation Creation:

After collecting the snowflakes, students will use them to create math equations based on their grade or ability level.  The equations can involve ordering numbers, adding, or multiplying. Adjust the difficulty based on the students' needs.

Presentation and Evaluation:

Each team should present their snow plow attachment design, explain their strategy, and showcase the math equations they created.

Evaluate the team's creativity, problem-solving skills, and ability to apply math concepts. Provide feedback and encourage discussion.

Extension Ideas:

Offer additional challenges, such as changing the terrain (uneven surface or obstacles) to test the effectiveness of the snow plow attachment.

Adapt the difficulty level of the math equations based on the grade or ability level of the students.

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