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Can You Design A Marble Run For A Cubelets?


Let's use Cubelets instead of a marble for a marble run! We have a fun STEM challenge that will introduce your students to Cubelets.

For this challenge, students will engineer an amazing maze and code a Cubelets robot to make it through.

What you need per group...

What you need to do...

  • Start by breaking students up into groups of three or solo if distance/virtual learning.
  • Have students create a team name.
  • Tell students that the objective of this challenge is to engineer a maze wide enough for a Cubelet robot to fit through
  • Students will begin brainstorming the way they want their maze to be designed, students will create a sketch.
    • Keep in mind the following requirements:
      • Cubelets must stay within the maze
      • Cubelets must be able to move on their own (you have to code it to move)
  • Once the sketch is completed, students will gather the materials that they will use for the design. 
  • Students will then put the maze together.
  • Once the maze is completed, students will then create a robot with the Cubelets, making sure to know which cube does what.
  • Students will then program the cube to go through the maze.
  • Once the run is completed, students will be able to reprogram the Cubelets for any coding changes that need to be made. Make sure to write down those changes on the creator sheet.
  • Students will then test the maze with the Cubelets again.

We would love to see you try this STEM Challenge. Share your results with us through social media!

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