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Can You Create An Educational Billboard That Raises Awareness About A Zoonotic Disease?


Students will create an educational billboard that raises awareness about a zoonotic disease and promote preventative measures to protect public health.




Introduction to Zoonoses: 

Begin with a classroom discussion about zoonotic diseases, explaining how they are transmitted from animals to humans. Encourage students to consider the impact of these diseases on public health and ecosystems.


Share the World Health Organization video on World Zoonosis Day and instruct students to conduct further research on specific diseases. Some notable examples include Rabies, Lyme disease, and Avian Influenza.

Disease Selection:

Each student or group should select one zoonotic disease to focus on for their billboard. They should gather detailed information about how the disease spreads, symptoms, impacts, and, most importantly, prevention strategies.


  • Students design a billboard that effectively communicates key facts about the disease and its prevention using the information gathered.
  • Encourage creativity in the design process, using the Cricut machine to cut out intricate shapes, letters, and images that make the billboard visually appealing and informative.
  • Designs can include graphical representations of data, such as the rate of disease spread, alongside preventive tips.
    • Students use the Cricut machine to create design elements using appropriate materials.
    • Assemble the billboard, ensuring all parts are securely attached, and the information is presented clearly and attractively.
Presentation and Reflection:
    • Students will complete the World Zoonoses Day STEM Challenge Reflection Sheet to deepen their understanding of the content by requiring them to articulate their research and design decisions.
    • Have students present their billboards to the class, explaining their design choices and the key information about the zoonotic disease they chose.
    • Discuss the effectiveness of different design strategies in conveying important health information to the public.
    • Display the billboards around the school or community to educate others about zoonotic diseases and their prevention.

Extension Activities (Optional):

    • Optionally, partner with local health departments or community centers to display the billboards to a wider audience.

Learning Outcomes and Assessment:

  • This challenge educates students about an important health topic and involves them in community awareness efforts, fostering a sense of responsibility and involvement in global health issues.

  • Students will gain an understanding of zoonotic diseases and the importance of public health initiatives.

  • They will develop skills in research, design, and technology use, particularly in applying these skills to real-world issues.

  • Evaluate the billboards based on the accuracy of the information presented, design creativity, and communication clarity. Consider providing feedback on technology use based on how effectively students use the Cricut to create their designs. The World Zoonoses Day STEM Challenge Reflection Sheet can be used as part of this evaluation process.

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