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Can You Create A Window Greenhouse With Janaki Ammal?


Let’s have some fun and create a Window Greenhouse with Janaki Ammal in honor of Women’s History Month.

Who Is Janaki Ammal?

Fields: Biology, Botany, Cytology

Born: 1897 in Tellicherry, Kerala (India)

Death: 1984 in Madras, Tamil Nadu (India)

Main achievements: Her most notable work involves those on sugarcane and the eggplant.

Janaki Ammal Edathil Kakkat was an Indian botanist who conducted scientific research in cytogenetics and phytogeography. Her most notable work involves those on sugarcane and the eggplant. She has collected various valuable plants of medicinal and economic value from the rain forests of Kerala. More information can be found here.

Can you imagine being a botanist and finding amazing plants and not being able to preserve them? Let’s create a Window Greenhouse to preserve our plants and watch them grow.

What you need per person...

What you need to do...

  • Tell students that the objective of this design is to make a window greenhouse, big enough to fit their cup with soil, and the plant that will grow.
  • Students will first use the Creator Sheet to sketch out the design of the window greenhouse they want to build.
  • Once the sketch is complete, students will then need to decide what materials they will need.
  • Once students have decided they will gather materials needed.
  • Students will then plant their bean in the cup with soil (and add water as needed).
  • Students will then begin to take the cardboard and begin to lay out the design of the greenhouse. 
  • Decide on any changes that might need to be made, before the construction begins. 
  • Once changes are adjusted (and noted on the Creator Sheet) students may begin building the greenhouse.
  • Record any challenges that are encountered along the way.

We would love to see you try this STEM Challenge. Share your results with us through social media!

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