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Can You Create a StickTogether Template Invention?


Using Stick Together we are going to have some fun with stickers! This STEM challenge will introduce your students' to pixels. StickTogether mosaic sticker puzzle posters are a fun collaborative activity with a beautiful reward. Like paint-by-numbers, but with stickers!

For this challenge, students will be able to use their creativity to create their own StickTogether.

Teachers Need to Model...

What you need per student...

What you need to do...

  • Explain to your students and show them an example of a StickTogether Poster. Talk about how a picture is made up of pixels. They will be creating their own poster using Pixels.
  • Students will begin to brainstorm what they are going to draw on their first piece graph paper
  • Once students have decided, they will then use a pencil to sketch out their art piece. 
  • As they are sketching their art piece they will be able to start to see the way the picture will be cut into pieces! 
  • Once the piece is done being sketched out, students will then color the picture. 
  • Students will then take their second piece of paper, students will then make their paper look like the following:
  • Students will then switch with a classmate to have them put the picture back together. Label graph paper all the way through, and then on the lower right corner of each square on the picture fill out the letter number combo. 
  • Filling these out will help once the picture is cut, to put it back together. 
  • Students will then cut out each square of the picture, mix it up and put it into the baggie. 
  • Looking to take our STEM challenge one step further? Check out StickTogether's new FREE Pixel Art Platform to create pixel art here!

We would love to see you try this STEM Challenge. Share your results with us through social media!

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