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Can You Code An Icebreaker Emoji Using imagi?

The goal of this STEM challenge is to encourage students to use coding to create a personalized imagi emoji (a digital representation) that represents themselves. This activity will serve as an engaging icebreaker for students to introduce themselves to their classmates in a fun and creative way.




Start by explaining the purpose of the activity to the students: they will be using coding to create a digital imagi that represents themselves. As an icebreaker, they will then use their imagi to introduce themselves to their classmates.

Coding imagi:

Introduce students to the coding software or platform they will be using. Provide a brief tutorial or demonstration on how to use the coding tools.

Encourage students to think about aspects of themselves they want to represent in their imagi. It could be their hobbies, favorite colors, animals, or any other personal interests.

Students can code their imagi to make specific movements, play sounds, or have interactive features.

Allow students sufficient time to work on their imagis, providing guidance and assistance when needed.

Icebreaker Activity:

Once the students have completed coding their Imagis, transition to the icebreaker portion of the challenge.

Ask the students to name their imagis and write their name on a piece of paper or sticky note.

Each student will take turns presenting their imagi to the class. They can start by sharing the name of their imagi and explaining why they chose it. Then, they can demonstrate some of the unique features or movements that represent them.

After each presentation, invite the classmates to ask questions or make comments about the imagi.

Encourage students to find similarities or differences between their own imagis and their classmates' imagis.

At the end of the activity, facilitate a class discussion to reflect on the experience. Ask questions such as:

How did creating an imagi help you express yourself?

Did you learn anything new about your classmates based on their imagis?

How did coding help enhance your understanding of yourself and others?


Students can collaborate in pairs or small groups to create a combined imagi that represents shared interests or characteristics.

Students can add a programming element to their imagi, such as creating a sequence of actions or making it respond to specific user interactions.

We would love to see you try this STEM Challenge. Share your results with us through social media!

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