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pi-top Further

pi-top Further

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STEM made simple for teachers. Engaging projects for students.

Further is pi-top’s learning management system for STEM, that combines physical computing and project-based learning.

In Further, you’ll find over 100 hours of hands-on interactive projects which ignite curiosity and easily integrate into your teaching.

Access a whole world of challengesAccess a whole world of challenges

Access a whole world of challenges

Further is a library for the 21st century. Teachers access over 100 hours of projects in Further based on real-life activities. Use it as a powerful Computer Science tool or for teaching STEM. By combining Further software with our hardware, pi-top [4] or pi-top [3], students in a physics, chemistry or design class can learn while applying the lesson to hands-on physical computing and coding.

Packed with features to help teachers

Customize your teaching

Further’s projects are highly customizable, making it simple to modify sections, change them to reference items available in your school, and filter them based on state standards. 

Register using Google Classroom or Clever

Classes can be imported from Clever or Google Classroom. When they are, the students within the class are also imported which means you can get working and managing your classes with just a few clicks, helping you ensure your students stay engaged and learning stays on track  wherever they are. Talk with us about integrating with other  cloud-based LMS. 

Deploy code from Further to a pi-top

Further can be accessed from any computer such as Chromebook, Mac, PC or a pi-top  device. Our Code Runner boxes allow students to write code on their computers, send code to the pi-top [4] for execution, and interact with it in real-time. 

Training sessions & facilitator guides

We provide 10 hours of training with each school license, plus guides to help you use pi-top’s ecosystem within your classroom for better learning outcomes.