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Electronics Superset

Electronics Superset

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With the Electronics Superset, students have all the tools they need to get started in learning the basics of coding and physical computing, and to continue their learning by progressing into guided lesson plans in advanced coding, robotics, cybersecurity, and AI.

The Electronics Superset includes:

The pi-top [4] - an easy-to-use and classroom durable Raspberry Pi based computing device that students can use to design, code, and create anything their imagination can dream up.

An Electronics kit, - a metal 'bento box', containing 14 components, including programmable sensors, buttons, and LEDs.

From beginning computer science students to advanced learners, the Electronics Superset provides everything needed to make STEAM and computer science learning fun and engaging for everyone.

What's included?

pi‑top [4] portable computer

  • Pre-installed Raspberry Pi 4 4GB
  • Power Supply Unit (PSU)
  • pi-top Display Cable -HDMI & USB adapters
  • pi-topOS on 16GB SD Card

Electronics Kit

• 1 x Foundation Plate

• 1 x Sound Sensor

• 1 x Light Sensor

• 2 x Buttons

• 1 x Buzzer

• 2 x Potentiometers

• 2 x Red LEDs

• 2 x Green LEDs

• 2 x Yellow LEDs

• 1 x Ultrasonic Sensor

• 8 x LEGO® Connectors