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Cue School Pack

Cue School Pack

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Take coding to the next level by outfitting your school with 12 of our award-winning Cue robots, designed for students in grades 6-8. Cue’s advanced sensors provide accurate and versatile behavior enabling kids to tackle real-world coding, engineering, and design challenges. The Cue app enables students to transition from block-based code to state-machine and text-based programming.

Extend the learning with our Applied Robotics Curriculum. This bundle includes online access to Units 1, 2, and 3 of our student notebooks filled with projects as well as a print-edition of the Applied Robotics Curriculum Guide.

This pack includes:

12 Cue robots, Onyx color
6 Gripper kits
Digital School Wide Access to Unit 1 (Creative Writing) Notebooks (schoolwide)
Digital School Wide Access to Unit 2 (Game Design) Notebooks (schoolwide)
Digital School Wide Access to Unit 3 (Innovation) Notebooks (schoolwide)
1 Cue Applied Robotics Curriculum Guide
Teach Wonder “Getting Started with Cue” Course