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Can You Design Your Own Family Flag Using StickTogether?

National Flag Day is a significant holiday for every country in the world. While the date may vary, what remains consistent across all countries is how it is celebrated: through ceremonies, parades, and the display of the national flag.

Students will discuss the symbolism of the American flag. Then have the students use StickTogether’s Pixel Art Canvas to create a family flag that symbolizes their family.

Objective: For this STEM challenge, students will learn about the American Flag and the National Flag Day holiday. Then, they will use StickTogether’s Pixel Art platform to design their own family flag.

Watch this video about the American flag and what it stands for.

What each student will need ...


What you need to do...

  • Start by discussing National Flag day
  • Show the video about the American Flag
  • Have students complete The American Flag discussion sheet
  • Tell students that the objective of this challenge is to design their own family flag.
  • Be sure the students complete the Family Flag Guide prior to designing their flag in the StickTogether Pixel Art platform.
  • Students should sketch out a design prior to using the platform to bring it to life.
  • Once the students have sketched out their design they should go onto the pixel art platform and create their digital version.  
  • Next, the students should print their family flag and use the StickTogether color squares to bring their designs to life in full color!
  • After students have finished adding their colored stickers, have them present their family flags to the class. Be sure that they discuss the details from the My Family Flag Guide sheet.  

We would love to see you try this STEM Challenge. Share your students’ finished flags with us through social media!

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